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Coal Train Railroad Cover 1

Coal Train Railroad

I am a great lover of music.  My itunes library can pull up anything from Beethoven to Cee Lo Green, Kirk Franklin to Barbra Streisand, Dixie Chicks to Hall & Oats.  But I have a soft spot for jazz.  Artists such as Shirley Horn, Kurt Elling, and Cleo Laine speak to my soul, and stir my spirit to its core.  Well, here is a kids CD that swings jazz, has thoughtful and whimsical lyrics, and is entertaining for the whole family–especially music lovers!  Songs such as, “It’s Hard to Listen” and “Snuggling Suits Me Just Fine” are on high rotation in our car, and the second CD is just as fun with the very popular “Do It Again” and “There’s Just No Fixin’ It”.

Coal Train Railroad.  Check them out!

To hear song samples and to purchase Coal Train Railroad, please click below.  For the first CD, begin your preview with track #2!!!

Hidden In My Heart Vol. 1 Cover

Hidden In My Heart, Vol. 1.

This CD is absolutely beautiful.  It’s soundtrack music, with strings, live piano, and voice all carrying the timeless words of scripture.  It’s peace music.  It’s what I play in the car on our way home from a busy day, or when I’m preparing to teach Sunday or Sabbath School.  It’s prayer music; gently but effectively planting bible verses in the hearts of children.  I highly recommend it!

To listen, order, and preview the next volumes, go to the Scripture Lullabies website here.

To order on Amazon, click below.

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